Induction Loop Systems

Estes Audiology is working hard to get the word out in Central Texas about Induction Loop Technology.  We have been actively engaging community groups and leaders, as well as businesses in the area in an initiative to loop Central Texas.  Estes Audiology is proud to have worked hand in hand with the Sertoma Club of Georgetown to loop the Georgetown City Council Chambers, Georgetown Library Meeting Rooms and the Palace Theater in Georgetown.  We are currently working with other businesses, churches and organizations to put them “in the loop” as well!  Read below to learn more about this amazing technology and the local projects that we have gotten the opportunity to be involved in.

Click here to read about looping the Georgetown City Council Chambers and Library meeting rooms

What is a “hearing loop system”?

It’s a simple, inexpensive technology that turns hearing aids with telecoils into wireless receivers – customized loud speakers for the user’s ears.  It requires only the push of a button for clear sound delivered directly to the hearing aids.  The telecoil is already installed in most hearing aids and cochlear implants!

Today’s digital hearing aids effectively enhance hearing in conversational settings, but when auditorium or TV speakers are at a distance, when the background is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate, sound can be unclear.  A hearing loop magnetically transfers the sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants through tny, inexpensive telecoil receiver.  This transforms the instruments into in-the-ear loudspeakers, with settings designed to work with the individual’s hearing loss.

A simple wire loop around an enclosed area, such as a theater or church sanctuary, enables telecoil users within the loop to clearly hear the sound signals being broadcast.  At the same time, they do not have to contend with the annoying background noise, nor take the trouble to seek out and wear headsets.

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How can I get involved?

Hearing loops benefit everyone from customers of a business to members of a congregation.  Don’t get left behind, get in the loop!  For more information, please contact:

Central Texas Contact:

Soriya Estes, AuD, Owner Estes Audiology,, (830) 643-0033

Loop Central Texas Initiative

  • Estes Audiology and the Sertoma Club of Georgetown worked together to get the Palace Theater in Georgetown, Texas looped in fall 2011.
  • Estes Audiology Hearing Centers and Sertoma Introduce New Induction Loop Technology to Central Texas. Click here to view the press release
  • Please click here to read the article in Focus on Georgetown Magazine about our recent Looping Projects for the City of Georgetown.
  • Our own Dr. Soriya Estes contributed her expert knowledge to this DailyRx article on Hearing Loops, click here to view the article.

National Contacts/General Information:

Brenda Batt,

Pat Kricos, AuD,

David Myers,

Steven Murphy,

Holly Wallis,

or visit to learn more about national looping initiatives.