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Ken_Stedman_2Every year on Father’s Day (and sometimes in between), I do a “ride-out” with my daughter, Christa, the Ninja paramedic. I love hanging out with paramedics and firefighters. First responders are absolutely wonderful, amazing people.  My Phonak Boleros are also amazing. Headphones are not even a challenge. Riding the Captain’s chair in style. Thanks, Soriya, for keeping me connected.”

 – Ken Stedman, Estes Audiology New Braunfels and Austin Patient since 2005



I am 67 years old.  My hearing has been gradually diminishing over the past several years.  My wife, Melissa, convinced me to have my hearing checked.

From the moment I arrived and was checked in  to the promptness with which the audiologist, Kelli, saw me, I felt completely taken care of and heard.

Kelli took me through the hearing test and then sat with my wife and I and clearly explained what was going on, what frequencies I was having difficulty hearing and what situations might me problematic for me at this time.  She was spot on.

Because I have concerns about my appearance (I am a professional speaker and communication coach), Kelli showed me the amazing advances in miniaturization and sophistication in hearing aids.  My concerns were completely assuaged.

In addition, Kelli patiently answered all of my questions, explained my options and costs I would incur.  Nothing hidden.  No surprises.

I highly recommend Estes Audiology to anyone who has any concerns about their hearing.

Dennis Tardan – Estes Audiology Austin Patient


ESTES IS THE BESTESS.  Very comforting to walk in the first time and immediately realize the Estes group are very professional, caring, courteous, and are there to do their utmost to help you.  They explain your hearing problems, recommend solutions and then let you make your choice.  Then they “back up” their work.  How to rate them ?  FIVE STAR PLUS !

 – The Gillespies, Both Estes Audiology New Braunfels Patients since May 2013


One couple shares their experience!

Hearing Aid Testimonial Estes Audiology

I always thought of hearing aids as something older people got; however at 43 years old, I found myself considering that I might need a hearing aid. I asked my husband why he was raising his voice when speaking to me and he said it was because he was tired of repeating himself. This is when I decided to get help for my hearing loss. After being fitted and educated about my Starkey Halo hearing aid, I was amazed that all its functions could be controlled by my iPhone. Connecting via Bluetooth, it even routes my iPhone’s audio directly to my device. Within moments of my fitting, my life changed forever! I felt as if I was hearing life for the first time. I could hear life’s little sounds like birds chirping from the backyard and even the sound of my car’s turn signal! No longer do I need to ask people to repeat themselves. No longer do I have to nod my head in embarrassment because I didn’t hear my coworker’s funny joke. I’m truly grateful for the amazing experience I’ve had with the friendly staff at Estes

Audiology and I now consider myself a life-long patient.

– Kimber Vance, Estes Audiology – Austin Patient (read on for her husband’s experience)

When my wife got her hearing aid our lives were changed for the better. She can hear when I whisper in her ear at restaurants. I do not have to repeat myself or speak loudly in order for her to understand me. We no longer need the subtitles on when watching TV. Her Halo device is inconspicuous and it matches the color of her hair which makes it almost invisible. I am thrilled that Estes has helped my wife to hear life again. Estes made it easy. They took great care of my wife and educated her about hearing loss and what she can do to keep the hearing she has. The financing option made this a no-brainer. I would have gladly spent a fortune, but I did not have to.

– Brady Vance, Wife Kimber Vance is an Estes Audiology – Austin Patient


“My life changed the day I walked in Estes Audiology! I never imagined my quality of hearing could improve so greatly and easily as it did. Each new day I’m more amazed than the last. The comfort, ease, convenience and worry-free Lyric hearing aids are, simply put, the best! I most certainly recommend Soriya Estes and her staff to help with any hearing needs.”

– Kathy Johnson, Estes Audiology New Braunfels and Austin Patient since 2010


“I am delighted that I have had nothing but pleasurable experiences with Estes Audiology. You bent over backwards to fit me with a hearing aid and that wasn’t easy,  but you never gave up and kept on trying until you found something. Ever since then you have been my Audiologist and I have been your happy customer!  Thanks, Soriya, for everything. “

– Ken Clarke, Estes Audiology New Braunfels Patient since 2004


“I anticipated Soriya Estes’s competence as an audiologist, but the caring manner which she and each member of her staff demonstrate are a delightful surprise. As a physician I have experience with many audiologists over the years; I am most fortunate for her to serve as audiologist for my wife and myself. I get such gracious care at Estes Audiology that I feel they are as much friends as health professionals.”

– Charles Tubbs, Estes Audiology New Braunfels Patient since 2005


“During the period when you first find out your child has a hearing loss it’s pretty traumatic.  Through Estes Audiology we have gotten advice and support, Dr. Estes is very detailed and thorough and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. They know kids and that’s huge.”

– Jason Symon, daughter Abigail Symon is a Patient of Estes Audiology New Braunfels


“I wanted a professional to test my hearing and tell me what would work best for me.  The entire staff at Estes Audiology are the ultimate professionals I was looking for.  I tell all my friends to go to Estes Audiology, they are the best.  I’m so happy I can hear again.”

– Stephen Tunnel, Estes Audiology New Braunfels Patient since 2009