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At Estes Audiology, your ability to hear your best is our mission. That’s why our approach to your care is comprehensive. We start with the latest diagnostic procedures to ensure we, and you, know the precise source and effects of your hearing loss. Then, and only then, do we recommend treatment with state-of-the-art solutions custom-prescribed and fitted for your lifestyle.

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“After being fitted and educated about my Direct to iPhone hearing aid, I was amazed that all its functions could be controlled by my iPhone. Connecting via Bluetooth, it even routes my iPhone’s audio directly to my device. Within moments of my fitting, my life changed forever! I felt as if I was hearing life for the first time. I’m truly grateful for the amazing experience I’ve had with the friendly staff at Estes Audiology and I now consider myself a life-long patient.”

– Kimber Vance, patient since 2014

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