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There are many options to assist those with hearing loss to communicate via phone, hear the television more clearly and feel more secure and independent with amplified and light equipped alarm clocks and fire alarms.  Estes Audiology Hearing Centers can help you select which assistive listening devices (ALDs) are right for you and help to determine if you qualify for state funding through the Texas program STAP to assist with the cost of these devices.

Amplified Telephones

There are a wide variety of amplified phones and Estes Audiology is here to help you make the best choice for you or a loved one.  Cordless phones come in different styles and colors with either minimal or extensive features.  Some have multiple hand sets for use around the house.  There are even options that communicate via Bluetooth directly to certain hearing aids.

  • Cordless amplified telephone with 40dB of adjustable amplification
  • Speakerphone in handset
  • Talking caller ID, keypad and phonebook
  • 6-level ringer volume with 10 ring tones
  • 4 one-touch memory buttons; 200 name and number phonebook
  • One year warranty
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TV Listening

television amplifiers at estes audiology

Television is far more enjoyable when you can actually hear the words to go along with the pictures. Don’t just keep turning up the volume – get an assistive device for TV listening.  There are a variety of solutions for people with and without hearing aids to hear TV audio comfortably:

  • RF and IR transmitters and headsets,
  • Inductive loops for hearing aids,
  • TV audio streaming devices for hearing aids,
  • Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.
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Caption Call

Assistive Listening Devices in Austin, New Braunfels, Boerne, Texas

Caption Call offers a phone with either English captioning or Spanish captioning, as well as an iPad app that offers the same. All you need is an internet connection and proof from a licensed professional that you have hearing loss to be eligible.

  • Familiarity – CaptionCall works like a regular phone.
  • Free service – Captioning service is funded by the FCC so no new bills, no monthly charges.
  • Large text – 7″ screen with adjustable text sizes makes it easy to read every word of every call.
  • Location flexibility – Set up your phone using a wired or wireless internet connection.
  • Touch to call – Make calls quickly and easily with a simple touch of the screen.
  • Saved conversations – Save the captioning from conversations for later review.
  • Customizable audio – Easily adjust ringer and handset volume.
  • Customize frequency amplification.
  • Saved volume settings – Volume settings can be saved to provide the best experience on every call.
  • Telecoil loop connection – For hearing aids with a telecoil option.
  • Secure captioning – Enjoy a safe, encrypted FCC-regulated transcription process.
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