Get to know our Marble Falls Audiologists

With a goal of better serving patients and families in Central Texas, in early 2017 Estes Audiology acquired a well-known hearing care practice in Marble Falls for our fifth location. Here, we help the communities of Marble Falls, Spicewood, Horseshoe Bay, Granite Shoals, Briarcliff, and Burnet by improving quality of life through better hearing. We…


Hearing more than your old hearing aids allow

Electronic devices often last for many years of faithful service. However, at some point they inevitably become outdated. Engineers are constantly innovating, creating new devices with better performance and new features. If you’re still trusting your hearing to old hearing aids, you may be very surprised at what you would hear with newer ones. Most…


Does Hearing Care Slow the Onset of Dementia?

In our audiology practice, we see how hearing care helps people be happier, more active, and more connected to friends and family. A growing body of recent research indicates a strong link between hearing loss and the onset of dementia. Even when people are enjoying life with full hearing, there are many other factors contributing…


Gift of Hearing from Estes Audiology Hearing Centers

The annual “Gift of Hearing” by Estes Audiology will award one set of hearing aids in each of the communities we serve to deserving individuals. Each year during the holiday season, Estes Audiology awards several sets of hearing aids to worthy individuals who suffer from hearing loss and lack financial resources to afford assistance. Estes…


Protect Your Ears, It’s Loud Out There!

It’s important to protect your ears from loud noises that you may not even realize are causing harm. There are many different ways we are exposed to dangerous levels of sound, but it’s not enough to only worry about how loud the sounds are, you also need to pay attention to how long you are…