Estes Audiology Gift of Hearing

Nominate a Deserving Recipient

Accepting nominations until December 4th, 2017

The annual “Gift of Hearing” by Estes Audiology will award one set of hearing aids in each of the communities we serve to deserving individuals.
Each year during the holiday season, Estes Audiology awards several sets of hearing aids to worthy individuals who suffer from hearing loss and lack financial resources to afford assistance, those who are involved in their community, and degree of hearing loss. Estes Audiology uses the holiday season each year to assist these unsung heroes who enrich other’s lives yet miss our on much of life due to hearing loss.
Nominate someone you know by emailing, subject line Gift of Hearing, or drop your nomination form off at any of our Central Texas locations by December 4th, 2017.
Finalists will be eligible to come in for testing December 7th. All final votes of nominees will be done the week of December 11th and then fit for their hearing aids before Christmas. One person, per our five locations, will receive a set of hearing aids (devices and accessories needed deemed by the Audiologist).

Last Year’s Recipients

Estes Audiology Gift of Hearing Recipient Amber Campbell
Estes Audiology Gift of Hearing Recipient Brug
Estes Audiology Gift of Hearing Recipient Benson

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