Estes audiology hearing solutions for hearing loss

The mission of Estes Audiology Hearing Centers is to change patients’ lives by providing exceptional service and outstanding hearing solutions and healthcare. The means to these objectives lie in the talent and commitment of our employees through their impeccable service and expertise.

Estes Audiology Hearing Centers service the Central Texas area in order to provide comprehensive hearing solutions and services to children and adults. These services include diagnostic assessment, appropriate recommendations and comprehensive rehabilitation. Our patients trust in the fact that we carry the latest in digital hearing aid technology in different styles so they can fully enjoy life, regardless of their degree of hearing loss with recommendations determined by their lifestyle. Estes Audiology Hearing Centers strive to ensure complete patient satisfaction. Education and counseling coupled with a highly trained staff ensures this success.

What do you have to gain?

The focus at Estes Audiology Hearing Centers is not what is missing with hearing loss, but what there is to be gained with better hearing. This positive attitude and message resonates with our staff and everyone that walks in our doors. What do YOU have to gain with better hearing?

  • A more active social life
  • Improved communication with family and friends
  • Dinner with conversations, even at a restaurant
  • Phone calls you can actually hear
  • Children’s voices and laughter
  • Birds singing, rain drops falling, leaves rustling
  • Music floating through the air

Are you ready to HEAR LIFE AGAIN?

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