For today’s avid hunter and sportsman  who  wants the best hearing protection while also gaining environmental awareness.

Estes Audiology is proud to be a distributor of Starkey Custom Fit SoundGear and Westone DefendEar  Digital electronic shooter plugs. These in-the-ear products are designed for hunters and shooters who want amplification as well as hearing protection. Advanced digital technology allows for environmental awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from gun blasts.

Starkey Custom Fit SoundGear Plugs

Starkey Hearing Technology’s line of custom SoundGear Custom Fit products are for the hunter or shooter who refuse to compromise when it comes to performance and personalization. This product is digitally customized to each wearer’s ear and features the most advanced electronic hearing protection and enhancement technology on the market.

Custom Digital Shooter Plugs

Defend Ear Hunter Green

Westone’s line of custom DefendEar features three different products with varying features, including wind noise suppression and separate modes for game and clay shooting.

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Universal Digital Shooter Plugs

Shooter Universal Digital Ear Plugs

Shooter ear plugs are specifically designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions. The Shooter Plugs allows for clear communication, as well as enhanced ambient awareness. When a gunshot is fired, the electronic circuit instantly suppresses the loud noise, protecting your hearing!

  • NRR 30 dB
  • Output up to 86 dB
  • Three amplification levels
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Low profile
  • Universal fit
  • No gun mount interference

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Non- Digital Shooter Plugs

Passive Hunter's Ear Plugs

The Hunter Passive is for hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired. It utilizes small orifice non-linear acoustic filters, and a low NRR of 4 allows for awareness of game and tracking dog sounds, as well as easier communication with hunting/shooting partners.