Very Professional
Estes Audiology is great! Very professional yet friendly and caring. I was impressed with the hearing testing process. Good job!
The new Round Rock location is super clean and the decor is very inviting. This audiology group is top notch, knowledgeable, and helpful.
This is a thoroughly professional organization lead by the force-of-nature Soriya Estes and supported by highly qualified and competent professionals.
He was very professional and caring to help him as a veteran. Staff was great too.
I am very happy with Estes Audiology. Everyone there is very helpful
Audiologist Paige was attentive, informative, obviously experienced, answered all of my numerous questions, addressed my concerns fully, and offered her professional opinion when asked. Paige allowed me an abundance of time during my appointment, spoke direct, and did not rush. More importantly, Paige took the time to read three pages of notes, previously submitted, relative to the history of my auditory issues BEFORE my appointment. Front desk personnel were likewise attentive and provided quality customer service. The experience was pleasant and we are fortunate to have an Estes Audiology office in New Braunfels. Certainly recommendable.
Gay Wuchar has been just as excellent in working with me. I would recommend this group to anyone!”
I am relieved & pleased to say that has been the case for me. See you in 6 months.
They were extremely kind and helpful.