She moved along quick and didn't take forever. ”
I am happy to report that Estes Audiology recently called me to discuss my concerns regarding my charges / insurance coverage of my hearing test. We had a......
Estes helped my husband and we couldn't have been happier with our experience here!
I called Estes and they were able to bring me in the very next day, even I wasn't their regular client.
I went to Estes Audiology and they were very friendly, professional and honest. I was told I had a slight hearing loss in my right ear and they explained my...
With trouble hearing conversation at a restaurant or after numerous times being told the TV is too loud I went for a hearing test. The outcome of the test...
This story has a very happy ending thanks to Estes Audiology!!!
“They were very cordial very thorough, and they tested my ears.”
The office was very neat and clean. They treated me very nice. ”
These people are amazing and very caring. I knew I had some hearing but until I had the demo hearing aids for two weeks and realized my memory improved,...