They are a phenomenal group of professionals. Knowledgeable and very friendly.
They can clearly explain each situation to help you make your decision about the best options for you!!
For example, audiologist certification and training, knowledge of current options, years of experience, courteous and professional staff, and very importantly, continuing care.
I am happy to report that Estes Audiology recently called me to discuss my concerns regarding my charges / insurance coverage of my hearing test. We had a......
The team at Estes audiology is professional, friendly and...
So if anyone has a need for hearing assistance, go to any one of the five Estes Audiology Clinics, and you will get the help you need in a fast and friendly manner.”
Friendly, professional service and they go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. I highly recommend them for all hearing needs.
I am very pleased with Estes Audiology. Gay, who did my fitting was really amazing and made the whole new hearing aid experience a delight.
These people are amazing and very caring. I knew I had some hearing but until I had the demo hearing aids for two weeks and realized my memory improved,...
Amazing patience!!! Getting new hearing aids requires a lot of patience!!!! Having knowledge audiologist is a must.